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It is never to early to start Retirement Planning. In fact it is encouraged to start as early as possible.

In many cases it is recommended to speak to a financial planner, lawyer, accountant, and insurance professional. The reason to seek help for all these professionals is because in many cases people think they have their retirement and estate planning completed and come to find out when they need it that it is not there.

Creating a strategy to protect you and your loved one is more than just managing estate taxes it is about assuring that your assets pass to your intended recipient in the manner you intend. Many insurances and investments act as a tax shelter to protect your assets from taxes.

Retirement planning consists of several different parts, Estate planning, Long Term Care Policies, Disability Insurance, 401k, Annuities, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds, and so much more. There is a myriad of different policies that can be purchased and each one depends on an individuals risk tolerance and comfort level.

One important reason to take your Retirement Planning in to your own hands is the uncertainty of the future. We do not know what the future holds for Social Security, Medicare, or Pensions. The more you control your money the less your money controls you.

As you age there are unexpected medical cost. This is part of the aging process and cannot be avoided in most circumstances. If you account for that with proper insurance and financial planning than the burden can be bareable.

McCay and Associates can get you going in the right direction for your future security.