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Did you know that you can apply for Extra Help with the government? Low Income Subsidy, also known as LIS or Extra Help, is a government program that offers help with the cost of Prescription Drug Plans. If your income does not exceed a certain income and asset qualifications, you may be eligible to get a LIS from the government to help pay for your prescription drugs and possibly even your Part A and Part B premiums!

These qualifications are set and assessed by the Social Security Administration. The SSA analyzes each case on an individual basis and determines if an individual or couple qualify for Extra Help.

*McCay and Associates Insurance is in no way responsible for the decision on whether someone qualifies for Extra Help or not. Only the Social Security Administration can make that determination.

How to apply:
Visit the for more information on the Extra Help program to see if you qualify.
Fill out the Enrollment Application on Social Security's website.
You can call the Social Security Administration toll-free at 1-800-772-1213 and request a paper application.

If you need help with putting in an application for LIS, give us a call at 270-842-4236 and we can assist you with the enrollment process.

You will have the renew your application every year. The SSA will send you the proper paperwork to fill out.

You may also be eligible for Medicaid, as well. To apply for Medicaid you have to go to the local Medicaid office to see if you fit eligibility.